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Birch plywood is the main product in the range of CFMK. Plywood is widely used in different industrial sectors including building, construction and furniture manufacturing. Our plywood production facilities are regularly upgraded and are equipped with the latest machinery from VALON KONE (debarking), RAUTE (rotary cut), KIKUKAWA (cutting), HASHIMOTO, RAUTE, FORRICH (edge bonding), STEINEMANN (sanding) and SUNWAY (drying).
Advantages of birch plywood
Our plywood meets the highest international standards of quality.
All layers of plywood are made of birch veneer with use of a low emissions in-house developed glue system.
  • water resistance
  • excellent strength
  • natural wood texture
  • exceptionally smooth surface
  • furniture manufacturing
  • container production
  • packaging
  • construction
  • interior decorating
  • flooring
The company produces birch interior plywood flat cut sheets, sanded on both sides from 3 – 30 mm, sheet sizes 1525x1525 mm only, meeting National Technical Requirements — TU 13-00255094-50-98 (GOST standard 10.55-71).
Plywood grades B/BB, BB, BB/CP, CP, CPC, BBC, C.
CFMK products are certified and comply with CARB2, FSC CW, FSC COC and CE.