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The Cherepovets Plywood and Furniture Plant has obtained accreditation as a test laboratory within the national accreditation system.
In the course of 2015 the works for the accreditation were carried out in the sanitary and industrial laboratory of the central production laboratory (SIL CPL) which was dealing with the issues of environmental monitoring: waste water quality, industrial emissions as well as physical and chemical factors' measurement.
For the first time the SIL CPL has been accredited in 2007. Three years later the laboratory has received the re-accreditation. Since 2014 after the Federal Law No. 412 «On the accreditation in the national system of accreditation» has come into force the accreditation requirements for the test laboratories were amended and broadened.
The CIL CPL activities were assessed according to 21 criteria including the physical infrastructure, internal quality control, interlaboratory comparative tests attendance. The assessment of the employees' qualification and skills has been specifically emphasized.
After the on-site audit performed by the experts the activity of the CPL sanitary and industrial laboratory was declared in compliance with the criteria of the Ministry for Economic Development' order No. 326 dated 30th of May 2014 and GOST ISO/IEC standard requirements 17025-2009 «General requirements to test and calibration laboratories' competence».
The accreditation received is an evidence of the laboratory expertise, the confidence about the quality of the works it performs.